Friday, 11 November 2011

The truth about Lemon Detox

A lot of people asked us about the Lemon Detox Diet. The suppliers of the Lemon Detox Diet approached us to sell the product. But we have not taken on the product. Well, we are losing customers from a business point of view because we are not meeting demand and supply, but from a naturopathic and health point of view, we stand by our principles of helping you look good and feel great through sound nutritional practice.

We will not recommend this product because we care. What is more bizarre is that this program is promoted as a Weight Loss Program. How can drinking sugar syrup mixed in lemon juice and cayenne pepper be a healthy way to losing weight? You do not need to be a rocket scientist to work out that if you stop eating, you will lose weight. But, are you losing weight healthily i.e. are you losing fat? What happens to your muscle mass?

Amino acids derived from proteins are the building blocks of your muscles. A sugar syrup, lemon juice and cayenne contain hardly any amino acids if at all. Without amino acids, you lose lean muscles. Loss of lean muscles will help you lose weight but it is not healthy at all. And beware of the rebound weight gain once you start eating again! For more information, visit our Free Articles page and download the article on the truth about Lemon Detox diet.

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